Project Conversion

SMIL-E has the sequence of process from making enquiry to successful project conversion. There is process of preparing the estimation and review process on the estimation by the Managers. Approved estimations can be converted as proposal and can be sharing with customers. Based on the approval of client the proposals are awarded as Projects

The whole process are communicating with back and forth emails and printout proofs.



Billing can be prepared for the fixed cost which is estimated on the time of project and actual cost based on the utilized testing hours in the EMC Chamber. SMIL-E allows part billing and final closing bill also. It is flexible billing system that cost and hours are adjustable as per your customization. Billing status and history tracking the billing maturity period.

Reminder email triggering reminds the stakeholders for the billing due.

Business Reports

SMIL-E has rich customizable Business reports. Reports can be completely designed by you based on your requirement and interest. User has full control on reports. Excel export option provides to convert the data in excel format. Dashboard gives the graphical information about the business.

Dashboard and Reports communicate the business information for the analysis.


Process based Features

SMIL-E understands well the EMC business and streamlines the testing process stage-by-stage


User Friendly

UI friendliness ensures that layman user can work with the application straightaway



Required training and support will be provided. Customization and enhancements will be provided.


  • Customer Relationship

    CRM stores the Customer information along with contacts and company details for the communcation

  • Estimation & Estimate Review

    Estimating the type of Testing and testing hours. Review process by the experts on the estimation

  • Project

    Approved proposals are converted to projects. Projects are taken for the EMC tests.

  • Billing Sheet

    Billing communicates customers for the cost for their testings and reports

  • EMC Chamber Timesheet

    Captures the actual testing hours along with testing resource information and efforts for the billing.

  • Report Reviews

    Reports are to be reviewed with hierarchies before releasing to the client

  • Instruments & Calibration

    Instruments information for EMC chambers and its calibration due details.

  • Dashboard & Business Report

    Business data in Graphical and textual formats for the analysis



Customized report as per the your requirement and desire

Graphical Report

Textual Report

XL Report

Customize Report

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